Earth Like Twins is busy reinventing live music in Fort Collins with what Nick Ierisi calls a “live looping electro-funk duo.” It’s interesting, exciting, tantalizing; a new sound on the FoCo landscape is a rarity.

This is essentially live music – Ierisi and drummer Craig Babineau (Euforquestra) play something in the moment, record it, then loop the sounds with others they play – and yet it’s recorded. It’s a conundrum and a conflagration of technology meeting one of the oldest forms of communication, performing in front of an audience.

“I play synthesizer, keyboards, and guitar while Craig plays a Roland Octapad and drums,” Ierisi said in an interview with AXS. “Both of us run our instruments through Ableton Live and make a series of clips and arrange them live to create our songs. We also have a variety of vocal samples we drop in. Only the vocal samples are pre-recorded clips, everything else is played, recorded, and looped live.”